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JUST IN: The Cleveland Indians will stop using their Chief Wahoo logo on game jerseys and caps starting in 2019.

The ban includes only on-field displays of the logo. The Cleveland Indians will stop using their Chief Wahoo logo on game jerseys and caps starting in 2019, according to The Associated Press. The decision has the support of the MLB, which has urged the team to decrease its use of the logo in recent years. Notably, the logo won’t be going away entirely. The ban extends only to on-field displays, meaning Chief Wahoo will still be a fixture on merchandise that’s available throughout northern Ohio. Read...

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A new bill would reportedly force the Indianapolis Colts to offer refunds to anybody offended by a player kneeling during the national anthem.

A bill authored by an Indiana lawmaker would reportedly force the Indianapolis Colts to offer refunds to any ticket purchasers who are offended because a member of the team kneels during the national anthem. Such legislation, which effectively imposes a fine if private citizens express a political viewpoint the state disapproves of, violates the Constitution’s promise of free speech. As the Supreme Court explained in Boos v. Barry, laws prohibiting individuals “from engaging in classically political speech” strike “at the core of the First Amendment.” Led by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, many NFL players began kneeling during the national anthem...

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U of M Quarterback, Wilton Speight, Says He’s Leaving Michigan

Wilton Speight’s football career at Michigan has ended. A fourth-year junior quarterback from Virginia and the team’s starter for parts of the last two seasons, Speight announced his plans to spend a fifth season elsewhere on Sunday via social media. Thank you, Michigan. These past 4 years have been nothing short of spectacular. Enrolling in January of 2014 as a kid from Virginia i didn’t know what to expect. Four years later i leave a Michigan Man. The amazing memories with my teammates, playing under the best coaches in America, and enjoying everything that this wonderful university and town...

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