June 1st, 2016

A woman is jumped and punched in the face while trying to protect her elderly father from a group of thieves.

Ms. B (as she would like to be identified) said she was walking to a corner store near Harper and Chalmers Tuesday afternoon to get ice when she saw something that caught her attention.

I saw 4 to 5 black males standing around my father at bus stop. I said something about this is not right,” Ms. B said. “They were standing around like they were waiting for the bus as well,” she said. “And then one just cold-cocked me and tried to rob my father but they didn’t get anything. I’m the only one that got the injuries.”

She suffered a bloody mouth and eye after the powerful punch and her father is fine. Ms. B identifies the suspects as males between 18 to 25 years old.

She has not yet called the police.