The Detroit Association of Black Organizations, Inc.

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Detroit, MI 48204

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August 10, 2016

Mr. Adam Silver

National Basketball Association, Inc.

100 Plaza Drive, Floor 3

Secaucus, NJ 070904


Re:       “GREEN-LINING”,

the economic exclusion of people

of color beyond the court.

Dear Commissioner Silver,

I am writing to follow up on a letter we sent you on May 11, 2016 concerning our on-going dissatisfaction with the economic injustice that we feel that the African American community suffers as a result of the economic exploitation of both the African American NBA players and the African American payers (ticket purchasers, product purchasers, and others who spend money to buttress the bottom line of the NBA and most particularly the Detroit Pistons).

Not only are we offended by this reality we are more offended now because both the NBA and the Detroit Pistons have chosen to ignore and remain woefully silent. In general, it has been our practice, whether it involved EchoStar, Cable Vision, or any other entity that we felt grieved by, to first attempt to solicit some response to our grievances before we employed public exposure and embarassment, encouraging our community to withdraw its financial support, and other forms of non-violent disruption.  However, in the case of the Detroit Pistons, specifically, and the NBA, explicitly, we now deem the NBA to be complicit with the Detroit Pistons in their blatant disregard and disrespect for our dollars.

Consequently, I am writing to you inform you that we intend to launch a national “BUST THE BALL” National Don’t Spend with the NBA Campaign against the Detroit Pistons and the NBA. We have a regional meeting scheduled in Detroit on Thursday August 18, 2016 with representatives from over 30 national and local Black organizations, and we have scheduled a national organizing meeting with the heads of the more potent national Black organizations in New York on August 29, 2016.

I intend to forward a copy of this letter to the Detroit Pistons to inform them that they are our principal target. Quite frankly, based on the lack of response so far we do not expect to be able


“Building Unity in the Community”


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to resolve this otherwise. However, should you desire to facilitate some resolution for both the NBA and the Detroit Pistons we remain available.

I can be best reached at 313-283-9587.



Rev. Horace L. Sheffield,III

Rev. Horace L. Sheffield, III, MA, MPA,

Chief Executive Officer

C.c       Detroit Pistons, Arn Tellem, Detroit Pistons

Rev. Jesse Jackson, PUSH

National Action Network, Rev. Al Sharpton

The Commission for Civil Rights & Social Justice, Atty. Mike Fortner

Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones

Hon. Mary Sheffield, Member, Detroit City Council