The aphorism goes, “Stars are born, not made.” I understood this twice in childhood: the first time I saw Magic Johnson on television, and the moment in Digital Underground’s “Same Song” video when a resplendent Tupac Shakur burst into the public consciousness on a chariot, wearing a dashiki and kufi, and holding a scepter that looked like it was fashioned out of black cool itself:

“Now I clown around when I hang around with the Underground

Girls who used to frown, say I’m down when I come around

Gas me and when they passed me they used to dis me

Harass me but now they ask me if they can kiss me …”

When I re watched the video last week, it struck me that the men carrying the chariot looked like pallbearers. Even in his figurative birth as a star, his inevitably early demise winked at us. The two always moved hand in hand. ( – T.D. Williams) Click here to read the whole story!


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