The ACLU of Connecticut is suing the police after they accidentally recorded themselves on a phone they took from a protester as they were trying to come up with charges they could level against him for protesting.

According to ACLU of Connecticut Legal Director Dan Barrett, the man, Michael Picard, is “well known to the police” as “a peaceful privacy and open-carry gun rights activist.” On the night of the arrest, Picard was standing on a traffic island holding a sign protesting police DUI stops. The police arrived and immediately slapped Picard’s expensive camera out of his hands.

“It was really brazen. There’s another video showing that the first thing the state trooper does is walk up and with his open hand slap the camera down to the ground. He doesn’t even say anything like ‘put that down,’ or ‘please lower your camera.’ He just slaps it to the ground. Then he interacts with Michael as if nothing happened, as if, ‘I’m just allowed to do that, and I don’t even have to tell you why I just broke your camera.’ It’s an amazing level of hostility,” Barrett said. ( – Staff) Click here to read the full story.


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