DETROIT — A video showing a man dressed as a creepy clown clinging to the back of a Detroit Department of Transportation bus as it heads down the street is garnering a lot of attention online.

The video’s authenticity has been confirmed by DDOT and Detroit police, CBS Detroit reports.

The video, which contains some swearing, can be seen below:

A filming location of the video has not yet been confirmed. The video was uploaded to YouTube Saturday, Oct. 8 by user “23PACMAN23.”

DDOT reportedly released a statement saying that the safety of its riders is the department’s first priority and that they have forwarded videos to the Detroit Police Department for review.

People dressed as creepy clowns have dominated the headlines for weeks from sketchy sightings to armed robberies. The number of Michigan cities with incidents involving a person dressed as a clown has spiked to more than 20.