The 2017 Adult Video Awards and Expo took place over the weekend in Las Vegas and 910AM Superstation was the only local radio station broadcasting live. Dr. Sabrina’s Sizzling Talk broadcasted live daily and brought this billion dollar industry to light. It’s not uncommon for the sex industry to be seen in a less than favorable light. Images of young women being exploited, alcoholism and rampant drug use come to many people’s mind, however that appears to not be the norm.

Many of these young ladies and men are entrepreneurs, looking at their talent as a means to catapult them to financial freedom and independence. According to an article on, top female adult actresses can earn up to $2,500 per scene per day and male actors can earn up to $1,500 per scene per day. ( – Chris Morris) To learn more about the pay in the adult industry, click here!   Many adult performers take this money and go to school, or start their own businesses. Others use it to invest in themselves and to build their brand. Many performers have also branched out into the lucrative business of merchandise featuring themselves such as toys, dolls, etc.

At the Expo fans and journalists were allowed to meet and interact with some of the biggest names in adult entertainment. Many posed for pictures and answered questions. Some of the bigger names charged for individual photos with them ranging from $5-$10 dollars.

The Adult Video Awards took place Saturday at the Hard Rock Café. Designer gowns, tuxedo’s, special effects, dancers, you name it. If you weren’t paying attention to the categories you would’ve thought you were at the Grammy’s or Emmy’s. Grammy and American Music Award nominee Flo Rida performed multiple times throughout the night with many of the stars taking stage with the rapper. Categories included Best Actor, Best Actress and Best New Starlet.

With celebrity sex tapes getting released or “leaked” daily and nudity being allowed on traditional television programming, it seems that the mainstream is getting more comfortable with this industry. Only time will tell if this industry continues to grow and flourish. The Adult Video Awards and Expo are held in Las Vegas annually.

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