Allison articulates and draws attention to a unique struggle facing our generation of parents. Namely, how to raise children in an age of technology.

Parents today know the decisions we make for our kids concerning technology are important—but entirely without context.

Our conversations on the sidelines at soccer games about these issues are never based on proven experience (When I was a kid, my mom used to…). Instead, it is based on guesswork and the little wisdom we have gained (Well, this is what we have decided to do. What about you guys?).

Allison summarizes it well, “ What we are doing is unprecedented—no study yet knows exactly what this iChildhood will look like when our children are full grown people.

There are no proven answers to the questions we are asking. That’s what makes this so difficult. Well, that, and the fact that even the questions are changing at an alarming rate.

But this is a conversation we should be having. Not because we will all choose to parent the same, but because there is wisdom in numbers. And the more intentionality we apply to our parenting the better. ( – Joshua Becker) Click here for more information.



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