According to the Huffington Post,

Parents of students at an elementary school in New Jersey are furious after fifth graders were given an assignment suggesting that they recreate slave auction posters.

Teachers at South Mountain Elementary School in South Orange, New Jersey told students to draw a “colorful poster advertising an event that might occur” during the time period they were assigned for a Colonial America history lesson. The assignment listed “a poster for a lecture, speech, protest or slave auction” as examples.

One student-made poster listed enslaved men and women as “a field hand” or “a fine house girl” while another served as a “wanted dead or alive” poster. The school displayed the children’s completed posters on their walls during parent-teacher conferences, ABC 7 reported.

While visiting, parents, including Jamil Karriem, noticed the images. Karriem posted them on Facebook and condemned the assignment for lacking context.

“Educating young students on the harsh realities of slavery is of course not the issue here, but the medium for said education is grossly insensitive and negligent,” he wrote. “In a curriculum that lacks representation for students of color, it breaks my heart that these will be the images that young black and brown kids see of people with their skin color.”

He urged community members to reach out to the administration about the issue…Read more here!