Tiger Woods has struck a deal in his DUI case — and has agreed to enter a DUI diversion program for 1st time offenders as a result of his May 29 arrest, officials say.

The golfer’s DUI case was scheduled to go before a judge in Palm Beach County early Wednesday morning where his lawyer was expected to enter a not guilty plea.

Woods did not personally appear in court — however, his attorney met with prosecutors and worked out a deal to enter the county’s first time DUI offender diversion program, State Attorney’s Office rep Mike Edmonson tells TMZ Sports.

According to prosecutors, the program requires offenders to plead guilty to reckless driving — and in exchange they get 12 months probation and are required to complete DUI education classes.

The offenders are also prohibited from drinking alcohol or taking drugs during the probation period.

This all stems from a May 29 incident — when cops found Woods passed out behind the wheel of his banged up Mercedes-Benz around 2 AM.

Woods was completely out of it — but insisted he wasn’t drunk, it was an unexpected reaction to mixed prescription medication.

Tiger was charged with 3 misdemeanor counts — DUI, reckless driving and improper stopping. If he completes the DUI diversion program, the reckless driving conviction will be wiped from his record.