Food cravings, tiredness, weight gain, missed period, the list of  common pregnancy symptoms goes on and on..But for a Louisiana woman, not only did she not have any of those symptoms, she went into the ER believing her stomach pains (which were actually labor contractions) were kidney stones!

According to KSLA 12 NEWS, Grace Mawn and her husband Bryson, were casually hanging out with friends when Grace began to experience severe stomach pains. “I was like okay, you probably have kidney stones you’re going to be fine,” said Bryson. But Grace, thought otherwise, “I knew when I felt something down there and it wasn’t a kidney stone.” They certainly weren’t expecting a baby. In the blink of an eye, the young couple became a family of three.

“They said ‘it’s a girl’ and she starts crying and the moment I heard that cry I was like ‘how is she alive? what is going on? So many questions so many scenarios going through my head what’s going to happen,” he recalled

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