A young man was killed when an elevator in the luxury high-rise crushing him to death when it dragged him down the shaft as he was trying to step out

Samuel Waisbren, 30, was following a man who had just got out of the elevator into the lobby when the doors began to close. Waisbren attempted to hold them doors open but the lift abruptly shot down, pulling him into the shaft as five people still in the elevator looked on. Horrified people in the lobby scattered leaving only the man who had escaped death by a second or two remained. Graphic video was obtained by the New York Post.


The fire department was rescued the others who were still trapped in the elevator, but Waisbren was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It’s hard to see how you can go on living when such a big thing is taken from you,” Waisbren’s father, Charles Waisbren, told the New York Daily News. “Sam was an absolutely wonderful young man. Smart and loving and very, very sensitive. He had his whole life ahead of him.”

City Buildings Department officials are investigating how the elevator malfunctioned.