According to The Detroit Free Press, an estimated 7,000 pounds of apples were stolen from Spicer Orchards in Fenton, 1,000 pumpkins from McCallum’s Orchard in Jeddo and a reported 50,000 apples taken from Williams Orchard in LaPorte County, Indiana — one mile south of the Michigan border.

“You have to wonder if these incidents are related,” said Shannon Rowe, one of the victims who had the fruits of her labor stripped from her family farm. “It seems like a concerted effort by people who are trained to do this.”

Rowe, co-owner of Spicer Orchards in Fenton and daughter of the business’s founders, said she checked on the orchard’s auxiliary apple farm Oct. 7 and decided the fruit needed a few more days to ripen before harvest.

Rowe said the support from the community, law enforcement and the news media is appreciated and “helps us realize there’s still good in the world.”

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