The Young Boys Incorporated was the first African American drug cartel created and run completely by teenagers. With over 300 full time soldiers at one point, they generated a revenue far beyond $300,000 a day. During their reign from 1978 – 1989 YBI controlled 90% of heroin trade in the state of Michigan and in Boston, Massachusetts. However, after the murder of one of its leaders, and the indictment of the others, the drug empire soon began to fall. That’s when LIEUTENANT sent to Boston came back to Detroit and took over what was left of the Organization.

My name is Pep, and that is lieutenant was me, This is my account of how my life with the Young Boys Incorporated got started. Page by page, I will navigate you through my rise in rank from a soldier to the boss. In addition to controlling the drug trade of two major cities, I also survived a federal indictment, and four assassination attempts.

“See with the RANK! comes ENVY!, and envy breeds HATE! hate in the DOPE GAME! will get you KILLED! if YOUR NOT CAREFUL!!!. Back then I wasn’t concerned though, we were a family with one main goal in mind….



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