“Donald Trump—we’ve seen nothing like him in politics before,” Harvey told the Daily Beast during an interview. “He’s very entertaining to me. I’ve got to tell you, I can’t take my eyes off of the man when he’s talking — mostly because I can’t believe he’s saying what he’s saying out loud.”

“But I like him, personally. I do! I think he’s exciting for politics. Politics haven’t been this exciting in a long time — or as confusing, ever, in the history of it. I think Donald Trump not being a politician is making a lot of people nervous who are politicians.”

“He uses words that politicians aren’t supposed to use,” he added.

“He called everybody up there stupid the other day. ‘You’re stupid.’ I didn’t know you could say ‘stupid’ as a politician! As a comedian, it works just fine. I’m endorsing him for making this fun to watch, but I’m not endorsing Donald Trump.” (dailycaller.com – Kaitlan Collins) Click here to get the full story

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