You just can’t take it anymore.

Several months have passed by since you lost your last gig. Dragged down by countless hours of searching, a series of fruitless interviews, and troubling news about the stagnant job market, you’re starting to have nightmares about a scarlet letter “U” (for “unemployable”) being branded across your dusty resume . One rejection letter away from throwing in the towel, you bury your face in your pillow and wonder aloud why no one will give you a chance.

Sound familiar? As someone who’s been there, I know how it feels when you’ve given the job hunt your all and employers just don’t seem to care. Don’t be discouraged, though: Here are a few key steps to help you renew your strength and get back on the right track to finding a position you love. ( –  Susan Mayes Ostrander) Click here to get more information.

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