Hate crimes in Michigan have spiked in recent days after the presidential election, alarming state officials and community leaders, who are mobilizing to prevent more bias.

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights said it had a sharp increase in the number of calls received since the Nov. 8 election and in incidents recorded. The Monday after the election, the department received 40 calls from Michiganders reporting they were victims of bias crimes, compared with about 23 on an average day, said officials. And in the department’s community outreach program, which is a separate branch, there were 30 hate incidents recorded in just the 10 days after the election compared with only about six to eight usually recorded during an entire year.

From Grand Rapids to Dearborn to Royal Oak, Latinos, Arab Americans, Muslims, Indian Americans, Jewish people and others have reported being targeted with insults or physical attacks, said officials and advocacy groups.

“We want people to know that at the highest levels of the department, we are taking this situation very seriously,” said  Agustin  Arbulu, executive director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. “We are monitoring cases of those who are being threatened wherever they may be. They should not feel threatened. They should feel safe in their community. We are building on laws, democratic values. … We encourage them to file a complaint.” (freep.com – Niraj Warikoo) Click here to get the full story.

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