Dr. Gertrude Stack, Pastor of Shalom Fellowship International Ministries was announced at Pastor of the Month by Jefferson Chevrolet.  Dr. Stack received a plaque and $500 on behalf of the dealership to the members of the congregation who are looking to purchase a new car.

Dr. Gertrude Stacks, a native of Detroit, MI, the seventh child of eleven children to the late Prophet Cato Weatherspoon, II and the late Tennesee Weatherspoon. She attended Northwestern High School where she was second lieutenant of the ROTC, an active sportsman, and member of the school choir.

 Dr. Stacks first witnessed the power of God at the age of 10 when her mother suffered a deadly asthma attack. The spirit of God came upon Dr. Stacks and she laid hands on her mother and God miraculously healed her. No one knew, not even Dr. Stacks, that this gift of healing was going to be a part of her ministry in years to come. At the age of 25, Dr. Stacks accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Savior. She received salvation and impartations through God’s anointed vessel who was also a Mother in Zion and her spiritual mother; the late Mother Estella Boyd. Two weeks after Dr. Stacks received Christ, God provided His first miracle to her in the form of a blood transfusion. She was in service with a blood level as low as 4.5. God took her blood from 4.5 to 17 that very night. God imparted in this vessel, spiritual gifts through the anointed hands of Mother Estella Boyd. These gifts are used to help God’s people and His leaders. These gifts include: word of wisdom, word of knowledge, healing, prophecy, and discerning of spirits. Dr. Stacks is God’s seer and His Doctor in the Spirit.(drgertrudestacks.net)  Click here to get more information.   


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