It was “Wear a Football Jersey Day” for employees at the Kroger grocery store in Springfield, Ohio, Sunday, as the NFL season kicked off with a huge round of games. Elijah Scott was excited. It was a chance for the 16-year-old employee to wear his new Colin Kaepernick jersey. He put it on, went to work, clocked in and started bagging groceries like he normally would.

When it came time for his lunch break, he says his manager asked Elijah to go home and change clothes. Mind you, many employees were wearing NFL jerseys, but only he was asked to go home and change. Elijah says he was told a customer complained to the manager and said he “wasn’t going to shop there again” if Elijah was allowed to wear the “disrespectful” jersey.

So, they sent Elijah home. ( – Shawn King) To read the full story, click here!

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