It’s a fool’s game to expect a candidate to fulfill every campaign promise, but a Mexican-funded border wall wasn’t just any promise; it was Mr. Trump’s signature, repeated ad nauseam for the delight of jazzed-up crowds of gullible supporters.

Could Mr. Trump somehow force Mexico to pay for some portion of the wall? Perhaps he could frame it that way, after compelling a renegotiated trade deal on terms he declares tilted in America’s favor, or by attempting to seize remittances sent across the border back to Mexico, as he has threatened. Neither option looks probable, easy or quick — or advisable.

Washington has leverage. But it’s foolish to suppose that Mexico could not retaliate against the United States by imposing painful tariffs, fees, visa problems or impediments to the dizzying variety of bilateral and cross-border issues whose success relies on Mexican cooperation. It’s hard to fathom how embittering Mexico, by squeezing it for cash for a vastly wealthier America, would redound to the benefit of the United States. ( Click here to get the full story.

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