Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced a plan Monday morning to reduce drivers’ car insurance bills in Michigan.

Michigan residents pay the nation’s costliest insurance premiums. The new bipartisan legislation to reform no-fault insurance laws would end Michigan’s requirement that all drivers pay for unlimited lifetime health insurance through their auto insurers.

The plan is expected to drive down health care costs, root out fraud and reduce the number of lawsuits statewide.

“It’s clear that no-fault is collapsing and not doing what it was designed to do, and that’s costing Michigan drivers dearly,” Duggan said. “People are paying too much, forcing them to cut back on other necessities so they can afford to drive. It leaves too many people driving uninsured or unable to drive at all because their insurance costs more than their car payment.”

Michigan residents pay nearly twice the national average in auto insurance premiums. (By John Steckroth)

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