Apparently, the fate of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, if not the American republic, falls on the shoulders of African-American voters.

This week, CNN rang the alarm bells with an article stating that the black vote was declining, with 24 million early votes cast. Politico followed suit with a story about how weak African-American turnout in Florida has put the Clinton campaign on high alert. With these headlines, a free-for-all has broken out on black social media and blogs, with anyone who isn’t voting (or dares to flirt with a third party) being pre-emptively blamed for a Donald Trump presidency and the racial apocalypse that will supposedly cause.

With a week to go before Election Day, the narrative has emerged that Hillary Clinton’s failure to excite African Americans to Obama levels is coming home to roost in the form of lower-than-“expected” early-voting numbers from swing states, which will in turn cost her the election. This is wonderful click bait for stressed-out Democrats, but this narrative is both empirically not true and plays into dangerous internal racial politics of the American left. ( – Jason Johnson) Click here to read the full story.

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