There are many more important topics that should be up for discussion right now, and I understand that. The topic of race seems to be a hot button issue in recent months, and though it can be uncomfortable, it can also be eye opening. A good friend of mine once asked why I chose to live in ignorant bliss. My answer was and is still simple; why choose to see all of the bad in the world or go look for it. I see ugly on a regular basis, I don’t have to search it out.

As a black mother of three, I have heard pretty awful things. I worry about things that other mothers don’t worry about. I also have a strength that is unmatched because of these awful things. I have been asked straight out, the following questions, and statements. They did not sugarcoat for me or my children, so I won’t sugarcoat for you. “Do they all have the same daddy?” “Why did you have so many kids?” This one is most recent, by my sons 1st grade teacher. “I know you have a bunch of other kids at home, so maybe one of them can help with his homework.” “It’s a shame black men don’t stick around. You could use some help.” You get my point. All I can say is people can be rude. I don’t condemn a whole race, because some people of that same color are ignorant.  ( Click here to get the full story.



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