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Sony Apologizes After ‘Peter Rabbit’ Movie Exploits a Food Allergy, Upsetting Parents

Sam Rose has a son who loves Peter Rabbit, a character from a children’s book by Beatrix Potter, but she won’t take him to see “Peter Rabbit,” the new movie loosely based on it. The issue? Her son has food allergies, and a scene in the film shows blackberries being used as a weapon. The backlash to the scene has already drawn an apology from the filmmakers. “Peter Rabbit,” which came out last week, features live actors and computer-generated animals. A human character named Tom McGregor is allergic to blackberries. In a quest to gain access to his garden,...

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45-minute standoff ends when the cops realize they’re dealing with a giant stuffed tiger toy.

It started when local farmer Bruce Grubb called the North East Police to report the presence of a large fearsome cat with stripes on his farm. “I got the fright of my life,” Grubb told The Scottish Sun. The creature appeared to be crouched on a ramp in Grubb’s barn. Officers immediately dispatched several vehicles, including an armed response team to the farm. In addition, police contacted a nearby wildlife park to check if a tiger might have escaped, according to the BBC. Read the full story...

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State employee who sent Hawaii missile alert reportedly thought U.S. was under attack

The worker reportedly misheard a recorded message that was part of an unscheduled drill. The emergency worker responsible for sending a false missile alert to people in Hawaii earlier this month actually believed there was an incoming ballistic missile, The Washington Post reports. The worker sent the public safety alert after mishearing a recorded message that was part of an unscheduled drill, according to a preliminary investigation conducted by the Federal Communications Commission. The state worker who sent the alert, whose name has not been released by officials, has refused to cooperate with the agency’s investigation, Lisa Fowlkes, head of the FCC’s Public Safety...

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