-I-275 northbound has finally reopened with traffic being allowed to enter at 8 Mile, crews will then move to 7 Mile to allow traffic to enter, then reopen 6 Mile entrance ramps.

-After 6 Mile is reopened, crews will close the north 275 ramps to 96 east and M-14 west in order to reconfigure ramps. Those exits will remain closed for part of overnight. Traffic can exit at Ann Arbor Rd or 6 Mile.

– Freeway and 96/M-14, 6 Mile, 7 Mile and 8 Mile ramps were open for morning rush hour.

-The M-5 east and west ramps through interchange remain closed until mid-September.

-Additional work will close lanes and ramps but will be limited to off-peak times, whenever possible, through Fall 2016.