Michigan has seen a 16% increase in reported human trafficking cases, according to data released Thursday.

Polaris, an organization that helps fight human trafficking across the globe, released the data from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) hotline, stating that there were 152 Michigan human trafficking cases reported in 2015. They  included 122 cases of sex trafficking and 18 cases of labor trafficking.

In 2014, 131 cases were reported. Since 2007, the NHTRC has received reports of 556 cases of human trafficking in Michigan, according to the data.

Across the U.S. and overseas, there were 5,973 cases of human trafficking reported to the NHTRC and Polaris’s BeFree Textline, and a total of 1,636 survivors of sex and labor trafficking reached out to the hotlines, a 24% increase over 2014.  In total, NHTRC and Polaris have received reports of 25,696 cases of human trafficking since December 2007, establishing the largest data set on human trafficking in the U.S. (freep.com – Katrease Stafford) Click here to get the full story.

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