Deanna Recktenwald in a hospital bed at Tampa General Hospital. COURTESY OF THE RECKTENWALD FAMILY

According to CBSNEWS.COM

Deanna Recktenwald’s life may have been saved because of her Apple Watch. The watch alerted Deanna that her resting heart rate had spiked to 190 while she was at church.

“The watch kept saying that Deanna’s heart rate would go up to 140, then dip back down to 60, then go up to 140 again. Then it spiked to 190 and the watch vibrated on her arm, alerting her to seek medical attention,” Deanna’s father, Tom Recktenwald, tells CBS News. “My wife is a registered nurse, so she decided to check Deanna’s pulse to see if all that was really happening. And when she did, the watch was spot on.”

After her family rushed her to receive medical care at a local urgent care, she was then sent to Tampa General Hospital for more testing.

“They did all sorts of labs and an EKG, but what they ended up coming back with was more than just a heart problem. It was something underlying that we didn’t know,” Recktenwald tells CBS News. “She was in kidney failure. Her kidneys were only working at about 20 percent and we had no idea that they were failing.”

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